A few months ago I made a business move I didn’t necessarily expect to make when I became part of The Great Resignation, in no small part because of the business upswing that came as a result of being named CIPR North East Independent Public Relations Practitioner of the Year.

Since transitioning from a portfolio career to sole self employment, I’ve been developing my training offer, as making sense of media is something I’m often asked about. Clients can be fearful of the media, and as a result, often fail to see the huge opportunities that can come about by working with the media to tell your business story. But I want to help empower them to understand the many considerations that can help them decide how best to present their story to journalists – or not!

So I was happy to offer a flavour of the bespoke media training I offer with a masterclass for businesses that make up Newcastle University Business School’s Captured community, a group I’ve been part of almost since I started out in business five years ago.

To view the playback of the session, click on the image below, and to find out more about my training offer, get in touch.