Whether with words, pictures or through digital, I capture your important moments, bringing them together so you stand out.


About me

I’ve been crafting and telling great stories for as long as I can remember. My natural ability with the written word led me into becoming an NCTJ-qualified journalist with an MA in Creative Writing from a Russell Group university, but over the past 11 years working in PR and marketing for brands of all shapes and sizes, I’ve added a few strings to my bow and am now a results-driven communications consultant and photographer.

A big picture thinker and instinctive reader of people, my curiosity, coupled with strong interviewing skills, allows me to quickly get to the heart of what it is you’re trying to achieve, and identify anything standing in the way. It lets me pin-point the dramatic and decisive elements of your story, capturing moments that convey your purpose, and ultimately inspire your audience to choose you.

One of only a handful of people to be individually Chartered by the CIPR with a CIPR Diploma in Public Relations, I’m a team player that never loses sight of the crucial details and complexities affecting your business. Also an individual member of the PRCA, an associate member of the CIM, and a digital marketing professional certified by the Digital Marketing Institute, I deliver under pressure. Creative, eloquent and open to collaboration, I take a resourceful, iterative, insight-led approach and apply a constant drive for improvement to all I do.

My Values


The first and most important question I ask all my clients is why. Whether your end game is cherished memories or increased sales, that’s my focus, and I’m driven to achieve these objectives. The response to this key question provides the clarity I need to create purpose-driven strategies, campaigns, content and collateral, or evocative images that really wow.


I’m highly inquisitive and love to learn. I like to get under the skin of things, and of people. Asking the right questions and looking in the right places from the outset is what makes me good at my job. I need to know what makes you tick, how you got to where you are now, and where you want to be. To help you tell your story right, whether through words or pictures, it pays to be inquisitive.


My natural ability to put myself in the place of others means I objectively understand the barriers you and your customers are facing, to get past them. A shared sense of purpose will net real results. And good communication, whether through words or through pictures, comes first from understanding.


No day in my working life is the same. I work in fast-paced environments, relish variety, and where others may see setbacks, I see opportunity. That said, achieving real results depends on spending time laying solid foundations, and as a chartered practitioner, it’s imperative that I work to keep my skills up to date. This is an investment in which you reap the benefits, allowing me to anticipate trends and issues.

“To adapt you must be open to change, which means you must have the will — emotional tolerance, mental fortitude, spiritual guidance — to not only face uncertainty but smack it in the face and press on.” Jeff Boss, Forbes

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“Jule is a great communications manager with a flair for copywriting who can create a strategy and pull those around her together to deliver it. Jule is highly customer focused and has a friendly, open approach which enables her to gather information from subject matter experts and translate it into excellent content. She is a conscientious professional and is able to generate solutions that work for the business.” Michelle Minnikin

Chartered Business Psychologist

“As a writer Jule is expressive, accurate and efficient. Her editing skills were crucial in turning dense technical documents into readable printed or online content that reached thousands of potential customers or employees.” Michael Wass

Digital Product Manager

“Jule is the queen of content marketing…What immediately stood out about Jule is that she is ridiculously good at joining all the dots together. She can see the big picture and knows exactly how to optimise existing market channels and build strong relationships with all kinds of professionals and organisations.” Rosie Hamilton,

Software Engineer

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